Connecticut River Valley

Experience breathtaking rides over the most beautiful scenery in New Hampshire & Vermont!

Helicopters offer a bird’s eye view of the New England countryside. OTES AIR offers the highest level of service to make this a day you will never forget. Call us today and reserve one of our scenic tours, or define your own destination. Help us arrange your very own once in a lifetime event. The Robinson R44, can hold three passengers comfortably plus the pilot. Don’t miss out on the pure joy of a helicopter ride through the gorgeous New England sky!

The Capital City Tour

The Capital City Tour – $349

OTES AIR will fly you over the Vermont capital city of Montpelier in just minutes. No other view of the State House can compare with our Green Mountains encircling the golden dome and continuing throughout Vermont. These majestic views seem to go on forever.

Hanover River Valley Tour – $249

OTES AIR will travel along the winding Connecticut River. Our Upper Valley provides endless views of mountains ranges on both sides with all the oohs and ahs expected. Arriving in the pristine village of Hanover for a breathtaking tour of the Ivy League Dartmouth campus you will love.

Ascutney Mountain River Valley Tour

Ascutney Mountain River Valley Tour – $249

OTES AIR brings you soaring along the commanding Connecticut River. The Upper Valley provides endless mountain scenes and sights never seen from the ground. At lift off you will see our destination, standing proudly in the Upper Valley. Mount Ascutney is sure to impress!

Franconia Notch Tour

Franconia Notch Tour – $299

Further north, along the Connecticut River Valley we quickly transition into the jagged White Mountains. Flying right through The Notch you will experience the natural carved walls between the Lafayette and Cannon Mountains. This is the former home of the Old Man of the Mountain and these chiseled mountain cliffs offer a spectacular view from the helicopter!